Dear Jamaica:

Dear Jamaica:

I am writing out of concern for your children.  Your sons and daughters say out of many they are all one people.  As I tuned in with the rest of the world, watching international news coverage in May, your children gave off the perception of everything but such.  Discord, chaos, corrupt and violent are words now associated with you.  You are only 145 miles long with a population of 2.8 million people.  I cannot understand  how your healing grounds have become a funeral ground with the third largest murder capital in the world.  Jamaica, you are beautiful! Your land is rich in resources, culture, food and musical talent.  You have so much to offer and so much to teach your children.

Your son, Marcus Garvey led people to a Pan-African movement and  Bob Marley led others to a social movement with his music.  Unlike Marcus and Bob, many of your children choose to worship name-brand clothing, luxury cars, criminal activity and money.  How have your children gone a stray?  You have given them  life and all the supplies that they need to survive, is that not enough?  They have the resources to get an education and make you a proud parent.   Instead, many choose a life of hardship and crime.

Europeans destroyed Africa more than 400 years ago and to this day, African-Americans still suffer from mental slavery.  You yourself have survived the physical aspect of slavery but I am sorry to tell you that your children are suffering the mental effects.  How else can you explain their behavior?  They are destroying the land you gave them, practicing genocide in the name of one man, Christopher “Dudus” Coke. 

In conclusion, I leave you with the words of Marcus Garvey.  “Where can we find in this race of ours real men? Men of character, men of purpose, men of confidence, men of faith, men who really know themselves? I have come across so many weaklings who profess to be leaders, and in the test I have found them but the slaves of a nobler class. They perform the will of their masters without question. To me, a man has no master but God.”

Jamaica, wake up!  Speak to your sons and daughters before it is too late.


Your granddaughter


5 responses to “Dear Jamaica:

  1. Ms. Walker I absolutely love your letter. It is full of concern, passion and heart!


    Laura J.

    • Thank you for reading. I hope my letter along with the un-written letters of so many will one day make a difference. Jamaica is so beautiful but also so troubled. I hope the island’s beauty will be restored. It has to start with the people.

  2. Interesting perspective. I am quite sure that economics and the government have a lot to do with the current situation.

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