Silly ban over “Silly Bandz”

—Valley Stream, NY 

From elementary to high school, students across Long Island have gone mad over Silly Bandz.  The same can be said for their teachers.  “They weren’t a problem until a few weeks ago but this past week they were beginning to get a little distracting,” says first-grade teacher, Crysten Serra of Forest Road Elementary School. 

 Silly Bandz are colorful rubber bands worn as bracelets.  They come in an array of shapes and themes varying from animals, alphabets and dinosaurs, to name a few.  They are sold in a pack of 24 for $5.  Children love them because they revert back to their original shapes when taken off and parents love them because they are inexpensive.

“My daughter really, really loves Silly Bandz,” says parent, Angella Hull.  Her first-grader, Lynn Skye and a few of Skye’s classmates started their very own Silly Bandz club, where they trade bandz within the group. 

Because students are trading during valuable instruction time, many teachers have decided to take matters into their own hands. 

“I haven’t thought of banning them but I have made some sort of collection in my drawer,” says Serra, who collect bands from students who trade during class.

The bracelets have become such a distraction in the classroom, schools like Duffield Elementary School in Ronkonkoma have banned them.  “They are very cute and the kids love them,” wrote the principal, “At times they are distracting and teachers have asked that students not play with them.’  Other schools have decided to ban the bracelets out of concern for safety after students began to flick them at one another.

Parent, Heidi Luna disagrees and thinks the ban against the colorful rubber bands have stretched too far.  “Like every fad it will go away, maybe a couple more weeks, maybe a month,” says the mother of two.


6 responses to “Silly ban over “Silly Bandz”

  1. Really interesting report. But what are you suggesting in the bands been carried to school and the advantages?

  2. This is definitely a trend for the moment. This is my first time hearing about Silly Bandz, but I am in total agreement with the banning of them. Instruction time is valuable and Educators can barely squeeze in their lesson in the given time.Speaking from experience as an Educator, less classroom distractions equals less classroom management, and the result is more learning.
    Hooray for banning SILLY BANDZ! 🙂

    • I am sure many educators are in agreement with you and is the main reason why silly bandz are being banned from the classroms and schools. Thank you for reading.

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